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Prestige Group of Institutions 

The Management has entered the school education in the year 2004. The record of students both Ex and Present, speak of the academic excellence and their all-around development, Co-existence of the modern with the ancient. Confidence, leadership responsibilities have enabled the students to take challenges ahead as leaders in the field of Medicine, Technology, Environmentalists, Musicians, Chartered accountants, Engineers and sportspersons. The hallmark of this institution has been their integrated system of education, year after year students are prepared for the board examinations to ensure hundred per cent results. The credit goes to the staff who have strived hard to deliver a deeper understanding of concepts and the ability to apply the learning. Prestige group of institutions use a unique blend of contemporary teaching methodologies, with equal focus on intellectual, physical and personality development, nurturing future leaders.


Philanthropic initiatives are taken by our Chairman Mr K Anjinappa to extend affordable and quality education to hundreds of students from economically weaker sections led to a noble endeavour to launch Prestige International School at Rampura in the year 2015 under the support of Sri Venkateshwara Educational Trust. The Chairman being a resident of Rampura realized the importance of the school motto "Gain More Knowledge-Reach Greater Heights". He desired to start a school with a difference and set the foundation to impart a holistic learning process, inspired by the 'PS' system of the yesteryears. He believes that these competencies can be incepted from childhood, the zest in him to set multiple pathways to tap the potential in each child as they are unique in their way and groom these young minds into future leaders for a prosperous and better world of tomorrow.

Prestige Group of Institutions provides the right platform for the integration of knowledge, values, life skills through its well researched and structured content. Apart, the school has adopted an innovative curriculum that incorporates theory, visual learning and practice of multiple intelligence proposed by Dr Howard Gardener, who said, 'It is of utmost importance that we recognize and nurture all of the varied human intelligence and all the combinations of intelligence The school fosters an environment within which students can develop their learning abilities at their own pace and cultivate a friendly and stress-free atmosphere of trust between the staff and students.

The Chairman abides by two values Nobility and humanitarian concern, hence there are students from all strata of society studying at Prestige Group Of Institutions. The ultimate goal of a school is to "Build our Nation through Education" and to groom responsible global citizens equipped with the skills required for facing the challenges posed by today's dynamic world.


Prestige International School Rampura

Prestige International School Rampura gives a stage to students who are ready to confront and donate to the reality of tomorrow. As a sanctuary of learning, we offer them enough chances and motivate them to investigate roads that premium them. The school encourages an air inside which students encourage their singularity at their speed and develop a tranquil environment of trust among staff and students.

Prestige School Hennur

Prestige School Hennur has selective grounds for the K.G area, Junior School and Admin Block. With the strength of Shri Sathya Sai Baba and with a dream for quality and esteemed instruction, School was begun in May 2015. As a debut offering, the executives gave van service and education to financially weak students. 


AIM of Prestige Group of Institutions 

Giving the best for the children today and all-round personality development and character building. We believe that a balanced approach to academics & co-curricular activities yields productive students who will contribute to society as global citizens.

  • Self-discipline

  • Tolerance for different religions

  • Multiculturalism

  • Love for the country

  • Morality

  • Preservation of Environment

  • Global Perspective

Why us

Why Prestige Group of Institutions







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Year of Experience

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Vast Playground

Day Care Facility


Well Experienced Teachers

Safety and Security


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Audio Visual Room

State of the Art Structure

Personality Development Program

Scripted Curriculum


Sports and Arts


WiFi Enabled Campus


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