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SCHOOL CAMPUS - Presto Kids Hennur


Presto Kids offers a secure and nurturing environment that fosters active participation and celebrates children's learning journey. We understand that the early years are not only filled with joy, but also a critical period of rapid brain development. Every day, every interaction, and every engagement during this time lays the foundation for future learning


The Management demands that the instructor and students get to know one another better to make an excursion into nearby kindergarten schools a little smoother for the educator, understudy, and parent Learning is enjoyable! Learning ABC is a carefree experience through following on sandpapers, following in the sandpit, and joining spots and finishing strokes. These exercises are finished by the educator and student.



Montessori method of Education forms a part of the curriculum as it is has a child-centred approach based on scientific observations of children. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and children work with natural aesthetic materials such as wood. Moreover, children are given the confidence to work independently with the material provided to enhance their motor skills. The focus is hands-on learning rather than abstract learning.

Science Zone

The Science Zone uses imaginative shows, projects, and effort to advance casual science instruction.

Chemistry Lab


Physics Lab




Computer Lab

Computer Science frames a piece of the educational program from Grade I to Grade X. This advanced innovation is incorporated to offer a more unique opportunity for growth that benefits understudies. Computer innovation starts with rudimentary levels and step by step takes the students to Computer Application, which is utilized for various kinds of correspondence, for the show, for class connection, and cooperation.

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School operates comfortable bus service to take children to and from the school. These buses are fitted with GPS to track their movements and inform the parents about pickup and drop.


Play Area

Sports play a powerful part in the general improvement of a child. The school has capable, full-time actual training teachers to regulate and coordinate the different games activities.

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