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Picture of Dhruva Kumar

Mr Dhruva Kumar A

Mr Dhruva young, calm and composed promises to follow the school motto, 'Gain more knowledge Reach greater heights', feels when there is an alarming advancement in technology, digital education becomes mandatory to keep pace with the highly competitive world. Mr Dhruva opines that innovation in the curriculum is to equip students with the best education we can offer. Mr Dhruva is pursuing his MBA, focuses on providing a learning atmosphere that facilitates learner concentric education. His aim is to incorporate the latest innovation in teaching and learning strategies and methods so that students' interest and growth is given top priority.
Mr Dhruva introduced Byju's Learning App, an educational technology to blend with traditional teaching methods to create the most productive learning ambience. The quote of Albert Einstein 'The value of education is not learning facts, but in training the mind to think' has proposed to introduce think books into the curriculum to improve the analytical thinking of students. His commendable efforts are appreciated.

Picture of Laasya

Ms Laasya Soujanya KA

Our trustee member, Ms Laasya, is a young, energetic MBA graduate who has stepped into the field of education with enthusiasm and grit to fulfil the mission and vision of the Prestige Group of Institutions. She has been working hard in providing rich stimulus that acts as a catalyst for transforming the ordinary to extraordinary, and the average students to genius and the resilient to courageous individuals capable of uplifting their standards. Her goal is very promising as she is striving towards building a progressive learning ambience that personifies excellence and the highest standards of education at the Prestige Group of Institutions. We wish her all the best in her endeavours.

Picture of Prashanth Anand

Mr Prashanth Anand

Mr Prashanth an engineering graduate in fluid mechanics with an MBA from U.K (Liverpool) is responsible for generating implementing and updating strategic plans put forth by our chairman. He plays an important role in creating and promoting a positive image of the school via digital technology, has introduced the advanced biometric system to manage teachers punctuality for improvement of their performance.


A well-groomed cricketer, cricket being his passion is responsible for creating the cricket net practice, so that students learn the techniques and craft of playing the game. Prashanth has a well-sculpted physique which is appreciated by all the students of Prestige Group Institutions.

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