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The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education was laid out by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. It directs the ICSE Examination toward the finish of the tenth grade and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination toward the finish of the twelfth grade.


ICSE boards give more accentuation to the English language as the mechanism of guidance. It gives them influence while showing up for TOEFL, IELTS, and other standardised tests that fill in as a standard score for passage to foreign colleges.

ICSE Board also lays particular emphasis on teaching literature and language skills that help to build their personality. It is another strong point that gives some weightage to the ICSE board


ICSE Board has preferable adequacy over some other boards, especially in foreign terrains. Children with an ICSE certificate get high ground in international schools and colleges. If you wish to send your child to an international training project and look at the general improvement of the kid, it is fundamental to think about the ICSE Board.

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Comprehensive Syllabus 

ICSE is known for its comprehensive prospectus and the collection of subjects that it offers.

Focus on Theory-based Subjects Delivered in English

ICSE is only taught in English and more focus is given to subjects that involve language, art, and science. 

Unbound Syllabus 

Unlike the other boards, not much focus is given to regional or national subjects. The students are taught about the world as a whole. 

Free Choice of Subjects

Its marking scheme is a little different from the other boards. The students are given three groups of subjects and are required to attempt all subjects under Group A. While they can choose two subjects and one subject from Group B and Group C respectively.

Importance to Practical Study 

About 20% of the total marks for each subject are allotted for project or lab work.  This allows students to practically apply everything they have learned.

These features on their own might sound impressive at the get-go, but before parents seal the deal, it’s important for them to know about the advantages and disadvantages that come along with the board they choose. Let's have a look at some of the advantages of ICSE:

Strong focus on the English language

The amount of focus that is given to the English language helps students perform better in examinations like TOEFL or other scholarship exams. 

 Weightage to practicals

The 20% marks for practicals encourages students to put their learning to the test and see where they stand.

Globally recognised course

Students who want to study at a foreign university also have an added advantage because a lot of universities recognise an ICSE certificate.

Graded subjects that promote extra-curricular interests

ICSE offers an exhaustive list of subjects like fashion design, agriculture, home science and many more from which a student can pick according to their interest. The board believes in a flexible all-around education so they promote extra-curricular activities along with the chosen subjects. 

Holistic syllabus

The ICSE board syllabus is very comprehensive with multiple textbooks. This helps students have a more creative approach to answering questions. 

Marking system

The marking system is in absolute numbers which shows students exactly how they perform. This helps them decide better how much time they need to dedicate to studying each subject.

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